The power lies in your hands with casino Free Spin bonuses

The power lies in your hands with casino Free Spin bonuses

Free Spins Bonus – What it is and How Best to Use One

For anyone new to the world of online casinos, a free spin bonus must seem like the best possible giveaway. They are very popular among online casino players, but are they as good an offer as they seem? One of the main reasons for the introduction of the free spin online casino bonus was to attract new players across the virtual threshold and to encourage them to play. Over the years the free spins bonus has proved to be very successful, but those who are new to the world of online gambling are bound to appreciate the following explanation.

What is an online casino free spins bonus?

A free spins UK casino bonus provides players (usually new ones) with a chance to spin the reels without having to pay. Anyone choosing to play a standard video slot will have to pay a certain amount of money, every time the reel spins. With a free spins online casino bonus, no such payment has to be made. Free spins can also be given away during a free bonus round, as part of a game being played. It is possible to win as a result of a free spin. However, any winnings will come with a certain wagering requirement. This will have to be met before a withdrawal of funds can be made.

Different types of free spins online casino bonus

There are different types of free spins bonus you can take advantage of. Although they are basically the same, there are a few small differences.

  • Promotional free spin bonus – often given away by an online casino to promote a new game.
  • New player free spins – these are usually given away to players who have just signed up to open an account. You will often find them attached to a welcome or other promotional bonus in order to reduce the chances of a new player abusing the offer.
  • Mobile free spins – it seems that casinos are up for encouraging players to use their mobile devices for playing casino games. It’s common to find online casinos offering mobile players exclusive bonuses or free spins.

On a more serious note – wagering requirements

A free spins UK casino bonus is a great way to try out games for free. In fact, they can sometimes be an offer that’s too good to refuse. But a word of caution is required, because more often than not, there will be wagering requirements attached to the offer. This means the casino is not giving away free spins just for the fun and entertainment. On the contrary, they are expecting something in return. And that’s for players to keep playing and spending their own money, rather than playing for free. To encourage players to keep playing wagering requirements are added to the offer. What this means is that players have to spin through winnings a specified number of times before withdrawals can be made. It could be 10 times, 20 times or even more. There are online casinos that have wagering requirements of as much as 80 times.

Other bonuses available at an online casino

There are a number of other bonuses you can find being offered at an online casino. A welcome bonus, for example, is given to new players when they sign up for an account. Loyalty bonuses and VIP programs are designed to reward regular players. There are also bonuses that require no deposits as well as those that need a certain amount to be deposited before a player is eligible.

Are free bonuses as good as they seem?

There’s no denying that free spins are a good offer, but as with most things, there is a catch. This comes in the form of the wagering requirements, that we’ve jest explained. The free spins cost nothing and if you win the money will be added to your account. However, if you want to withdraw those winnings at some point in the future, you’ll need to meet the specified wagering requirements. And don’t be fooled if the casino is calling them turnover requirements, wagering, or spin through. These are basically the same thing. Let’s give you an example of how it works. With your free spins you win £30 and the offer has a 10x wagering requirement attached. The £30 winnings have to be spun thorough to the amount of £300, before a penny can be withdraw from the account. There are a few casinos with no such requirements attached to their free spin offers, but there really aren’t that many.


The Power of Cryptocurrency and the Impact on Online Casinos

The Power of Cryptocurrency and the Impact on Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency in online casinos has introduced a whole new dimension to gaming in the form of digital types of currency that use cryptographic codes to ensure information security and confidentiality. Although there are a number of similarities with traditional payment methods such as transactions, balances and a payment network, there are many additional benefits such as very low fees and speedy transactions in what is known as block chain technology.

Bitcoin casino use was first introduced by some top level casinos who allowed customers to use this method of payment for online slots. Since then a huge growth in cryptocurrency has been seen in online casinos in the UK and abroad with some governments even backing the move to introduce this innovative new technology into the gambling economy.

However, many people may not realise that there are a whole host of other digital currencies that can now be utilised to make games more exciting and accessible to a variety of players in UK online casinos and which also conform to the 3 pillars of cryptocurrency which are clarity, transparency and security.


New forms of digital currency have recently been developed that can be utilised to make games more exciting and accessible to a variety of players in UK online casinos. Although some have not yet been adopted across the board, there are clear signs that a significant increase is imminent in the gaming industry.

Although Bitcoin is still used widely and is the forerunner of the other cryptocurrencies it is not as popular as it was due to declining value, meaning that an average casino wager equates to just a fraction of a Bitcoin. Add to that the problems some users have in deciphering how much is being spent per bet due to the nature of Bitcoin values which run into strings of zeros after the decimal point, and it is easy to see why other digital currencies are gaining momentum in many online casino UK environments.

Online casino cryptocurrency now includes not just Bitcoin but a multitude of new types of payment methods such as:

  • ETHEREUM: this cryptocurrency is gaining favour in many UK online casinos due to it’s relative stability compared to others that fluctuate more in value. Gamers can hold the currency in Casino Wallets knowing that it will maintain a steady value.
  • ERC20 TOKENS: Many casinos have introduced these tokens which are also Ethereum based and allow for storage in Ethereum wallets and also enhance fair betting. As with some of the other online casino cryptocurrencies they are not yet being used wholesale in all online casinos but are being hailed in some quarters as the next big thing in online casino UK gambling.
  • DASH: This online cryptocurrency is not currently accepted in as many UK online casinos as Bitcoin at present but is ideally suited for gaming purposes. It is easier to understand the values involved and offers more anonymity than Bitcoin so is expected to increase in popularity and use in the future.
  • LITECOIN: Litecoin is also one of the original cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin casino use and is based on the same principle as Bitcoin but is less costly and has a better block time speed.


Currently there is an unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies in online casino use which is set to become more prevalent in the near future.

Bitcoin casino use in gaming is currently becoming less popular but is still the easiest cryptocurrency to come by. However, Ethereum and Ethereum tokens are now much more widely available and have a lot of versatility and consistency to recommend them. Other cryptocurrencies will gradually become widely available as more gamers turn to these methods of payment.

Having greater choice and better value for money can only be a good thing for the future of gaming in online casinos in the UK and will potentially offer customers more flexibility and control than traditional methods of payment.


The power of virtual reality and the future of online casino

The power of virtual reality and the future of online casino

Technological advancement is the new best friend of UK online casinos within the burgeoning sphere of virtual reality. iGaming is one of the most dynamic web-based industries of the 21st century so it comes as no surprise that the virtual reality casino is a powerful business marker for the ability to offer the ultimate gaming experience for customers. As popular as online gaming has proved to be, with a multitude of bonuses combined with highly entertaining games, many bettors are loyally attached to the atmosphere and magnetic glamour of land-based casinos. These days, however, there is a new kid on the block, offering the power to emulate the excitement of a real-life visit to the casino with all its glitzy allure. By giving the customer the significant convenience of not having to step out of their front door, the virtual reality casino is responding to technological changes that no longer render virtual reality a niche concept.

With technological improvements in virtual reality, it’s entirely possible to imagine stepping into the glamour of the casino. Now, the physical senses can appreciate the unique atmosphere, with players able to tour their surroundings, visit a bar, interact with avatars, something which cannot be replicated with the conventional online casino. Consider the excitement of sitting near Phil Hellmuth or Kathy Leibert as players pit their wits against the big boys and girls of gaming royalty, all without having to change out of their pyjamas! Put like this, it makes sense that for UK online casinos able to give their customers the thrill of a three-dimensional casino experience, the future of virtual reality casinos can be very bright indeed.

Online Casino Software

Developments are such that since the 90s when virtual reality technology at that time failed to deliver on expectations, the concept has quickly moved from specialist to mainstream. Fast forward to the 21st century and advancements in the online casino experience can now offer to customers the 3D version with an accompanying glamour no longer exclusive to the land-based set. It’s important to recognise, however, that as technology moves forward in the VR arena, customers will be able to play some but not all of the kinds of games that are available at the 2D online casino. This is likely to change, with the advent of apps such as Riftsino, making the online casino experience witness a shift of virtual reality from space-age hype to gamer reality.

The popular and well-loved games are all playable in 3D, including poker and gin rummy, as well as blackjack tournaments and roulette. Into this standard mix, several innovative online casinos have developed successful virtual reality games such as Miss Midas and Jack’s World. The fundamentals for fully immersive 3D gaming experiences start with a decent virtual reality headset as well as checking PC/Mac compatibility. It is important to note that anyone can play virtual reality casino games as long as they have a device such as a desktop or mobile, appreciating that the games themselves can be viewed in 3D.

Virtual Reality Slots

Although Oculus Rift has been primarily used by video gamers, its technology is being successfully applied to virtual reality slot games, with big names including NetEnt and Microgaming responding to the popularity and industry-empowering rise of virtual reality. Riftsino has opened the virtual doors to other UK online casinos who are embracing the technological new age with a range of brand bespoke apps that can be used with Oculus Rift headsets.

With the crucial addition of real money play, the immersive 3D experience is now readily available which includes customers able to sit at the slot machines, have a tour around the casino, as well viewing the machines to either side, as any player would in the bricks and mortar casinos. As popular as they are, the slot machines can offer devoted players the casino atmosphere in an equally immersive way as the virtual poker player.

The UK online casino industry is fully aware of the benefits of technology, intrinsic as it is not only to ever greater business success but opening the way to new audiences who not only appreciate the virtual reality experience but expect it in more of their web-based leisure interactions. Online gaming is no exception, and developments within the virtual reality sphere are sure to remain dynamic. To keep up with developments in the online casino industry, be sure to check out our archives for more articles.


One American and one European Blackjack Table: Which do you Choose?

One American and one European Blackjack Table: Which do you Choose?

When playing blackjack in an online casino, you’ll sometimes be offered the choice between playing the European variant of the game, or the American variant. So, how do you choose which one to play? The answer is that it depends on your personal playing style and which set of rules you prefer, as both have advantages and both are fun games. The differences between the two types of blackjack game are laid out below, for those who are new to playing in the UK’s best online casinos.

Decks Used In American and European Blackjack

The first difference you’re likely to notice is that the decks used are different: in European blackjack, only two decks are used while in the American variant, between six and eight decks are used. This typically means that American blackjack has a greater house edge.

The Hole Card in American Vs European Blackjack

The hole card is something which exists in the American version of the game, but not the European. In the European game that you may be familiar with, the dealer is dealt one card face up and does not get their second card until other player’s hands are complete. This means he cannot check for a potential win until later on.

In the American rules, he is given his second card face down straight away. If the face-up card is an ace, then he can check the face down card, which is the hole card. If the hole card gives him a blackjack, the hand ends straight away. Some people like this innovation as it prevents wasting time and money on a round that the dealer was always going to win.

Doubling Down and Splitting Within European Blackjack Rules

One of the biggest differences you’ll find between European and American blackjack is the rules around doubling down and splitting, which will have a huge impact on your strategy in these games. In short, doubling down is choosing to double your wager – a good choice if you’re pretty certain that your hand is better than the dealer’s hand. In European Blackjack rules, this is fairly regimented: you can only double down if your hand has a value of 9, 10, or 11.

There are also different rules on splitting, which refers to dividing your initial cards into two different hands, which not only doubles your bet but allows you to win more money. In the European blackjack rules, you are only allowed to split a hand once, and even then you can only choose to split a pair of cards that both have a ten value – so a number ten or a Jack, Queen, or King.

These fairly strict rules on splitting and doubling down means that European blackjack players tend to be more conservative in their strategy, and less aggressive. When choosing which kind of blackjack to play, this is something you should take into account.

Doubling Down and Splitting Within American Blackjack Rules

The rules on doubling down and splitting in American blackjack are quite different from in the European version and are likely to make a big impact on your play style. In the American rules, players can double down no matter what their total is, and are even able to double down after splitting. In terms of splitting, the restrictions are much freer also – you are able to split any pair of cards up to 3 times, which would leave you with a total of four hands.

These more lax rules encourage a more aggressive style of play in which players split and double down a lot more – something that some players are wary of, but some really enjoy.

Late Surrender in American vs European Blackjack

Late surrender is another innovation in American blackjack that does not exist in the European version. Essentially, it allows a player to admit defeat at the start of the game, having seen their initial two cards. Many players like this option, as it allows them to lose only 50% of their stake – a great idea when a player feels they are unlikely to win with the hand they have been dealt.

If you spend a lot of time playing blackjack online, it’s likely that you’ll develop a natural preference for either the American or European rules. If you’re still choosing which one to play, think about how you enjoy playing and what you want to get out of the game. If you prefer an aggressive, fast-paced style with lots of strategic splitting and doubling down, you may prefer the American style. However, some favour the European style for offering a more conservative game with a smaller house edge. Carefully consider what you want, but bear in mind that both games are very fun and potentially lucrative.


Roulette systems worth knowing

Roulette systems worth knowing

Roulette is a hugely popular game online, and everyone wants to know the best roulette tips, to learn how to win consistently and beat the odds. This is where it pays to understand some of the different roulette systems. Today we are going to look at some of the most successful roulette online systems being used today.

The Martingale

This is the most famous roulette system of all time, which is also very popular with online dice games. The basic idea is that you just double you bets every time, until you win. With a big enough bankroll, this should lead to a guaranteed win every time, however in practice, most casinos have actually stopped this being a guaranteed winner by creating maximum wager limits.

The Reverse Martingale

As you would expect this is pretty much the reverse of the Martingale, where you double your wager after each win, but stop after a loss. Over the long term this is equally risky, but as with the normal Martingale, you can adapt it to create extended systems which lower the risk somewhat, usually by stretching the losses or wins.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This roulette strategy is so-called after the frenchman Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert. He believed, wrongly as it turns out, that for every time a coin toss returned a head, the chance of getting a tail was increased. So for a set stake in his system, you start with, lets say £10, if you lose, you stake £20, if you lose again you stake £30, each time increasing by your original stake. In theory you should eventually cover your losses and gain a profit.

The Contra D’Alembert Roulette System

The formal name for this roulette strategy simply means The Reverse D’Alembert Roulette System. The system is as you would expect, following a loss the base bet has the base bet added, and following a loss the base bet is the previous bet minus the base bet. For example starting with £10, it would be £20, win again, £30, but then lose, £20. The reverse suits winning streaks, but is equally as fallible as the normal D’Alembert.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

As you may suspect from the name, this roulette system applies the well known Fibonacci mathematical sequence, generally known for illustrating patterns in nature. The wagering sequence follows the fibonacci sequence, raising in value 1 step forward for each loss and two steps back for each win, with the wager always being the sum of the previous numbers in the sequence. There is, of course, a corresponding reverse of the system, but it will not be included in this list, as in practice, it is rarely very successful.

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

This is probably the second most famous roulette strategy, which has been named after the English aristocrat Henry Labouchere. In essence it is another negative progression, meaning wagers are increased after losses, similar to the classic Martingale. It is more balanced however, as it attempts to recoup a players losses over a number of rolls rather than all in one.

The system really needs a pen and paper as it is slightly more complicated to work out. So here goes, lets say you want to get £10 profit;

  • Divide 10 into a number sequence, we’ll say 3 numbers for this example
  • 10 = 1, 2, 3, 4 (these can be any numbers, as long as they add up to 10)
  • Bet the first and last, so 1+4 = 5
  • If it losses add the 5 to the end to make 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Then bet first and last, so 1+5 = 6
  • If it wins, erase the first and last to leave 2, 3, 4
  • Bet first and last so 2+4 = 6
  • If it wins erase the first and last which just leaves 3
  • Bet 3, if it wins, total profit will be 6

Each win the first and last numbers are erased, each loss the wager is added to the set of numbers. This continues until the set is complete, and desired profit is earned, at which point another set of numbers is chosen it starts again.

These are a few of the most famous roulette systems to help you play roulette online, but always remember only bet money you can afford to lose.

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Failing to clear your casino bonuses? Never again with these tips!

Failing to clear your casino bonuses? Never again with these tips!

The majority of online casinos have a number of bonus offers, from sign-up welcome bonuses to no deposit bonuses and many others. But the online casino bonus often comes with specific casino wagering requirements, which can leave players at loss as to how they can fulfil these conditions and still have some room left for profit. Here are some crucial tips as to how to approach online casino bonuses and maximise profit.

Terms and Conditions:

This might sound like an obvious thing to say, but checking and being aware of the terms and conditions surrounding bonuses is crucial. By checking the terms and conditions, you can pick the game mode which best suits what you want to achieve from online gambling; whether that is playing casually and for fun or seriously and for big, long term profit.

First of all, you should look out for some basic requirements that some bonuses carry. For example, you should check if the bonus will immediately be added to your gambling account or whether it is only claimable by a code or email.

You should also look out for the minimum amount that you have to deposit in order to get the bonus and you should also check if there is a maximum bonus or a cap on the amount you can wager per game. There may also be some time limits and constraints on the bonus to keep in mind and players from certain regions and countries may be excluded from the offer altogether.

Perhaps the most important bonus condition to look out for though, is how much exactly the wagering requirement is worth and whether this applies to solely the bonus or the amount that you deposit as well.

Clear casino bonus tips:

Although there are a lot of casual casino players out there, everyone want to gain and win profit! Bonuses can therefore be a great way to do just that but you will not be able to clear your bonuses unless you have these top tips at your disposal.

There’s no getting away from the fact that players need a large dose of good luck to make any money from bonus offers, so one of the top tips is to go for the jugular and play for bigger stakes early on. A game such as blackjack can be a good avenue through which to play with higher stakes and try to build up your money quickly. If you are to win in this scenario, then you are putting yourself in a good position to clear your wagering requirement and still have a hefty amount of the bonus left over.

You could also try your hand at playing slot machines but instead of at a lower rate, play at a level of at least £5 or £10 a spin. This is a common short term strategy in the world of gambling, in the hope that if you win big, you can then strategically and methodically clear out the rest of the bonus more easily.

Choosing which bonus to opt for is thus one of the most important decisions an online gambler can make. This also goes back to the point about knowing the terms and conditions of any bonus you want to choose. You should look out for the bonuses which best suit your spending capacity and ones which you think you will have a sufficient amount of time to clear and have some left over profit. You should also pay close attention to the games which are not included in the bonus offer, as you want to opt for bonuses in games which you are most confident and familiar with; if they are excluded its going to be a lot more difficult to succeed.

It is clear that in order to maximise your earnings, you should select a bonus which is achievable to clear, based on both your preferred game modes and your financial ability.

To conclude, online casino bonuses can be a very beneficial outlet, both for new players who can take advantage of welcome promotions, as well as regular customers who are rewarded for their loyalty. But players should approach bonuses with caution and know the full ins and out of their terms and conditions and follow the above steps to ensure that they can clear their bonuses and enjoy the maximum amount of profit possible.


Fancy Some Blackjack? Try The Live Dealer Variant!

Fancy Some Blackjack? Try The Live Dealer Variant!

There are a lot of people who dislike playing blackjack online because they just don’t like how a lot of places AI (artificial intelligence) dealers take some of the fun out of the game for them. These players like to interact with their dealers a bit more as they play than AI allows. There is some good news for those people, however, as live dealer blackjack is getting more and more popular and is offered by more UK live casinos than ever before.

What is Live Dealer Blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack is exactly what it sounds like, a real person deals your cards to you as you play blackjack online. Most rooms allow for chat to be sent to the dealer, and usually the other players as well. This really brings the element of sitting at a blackjack table in a casino to life for a lot of players.

Through streaming technology, the dealer knows what your bets and all of your in-game actions are and they will react in real time to what is going on in each hand and in the chat. This is a big step up from the AI dealers that are offered by most sites and is a huge selling point for those who want that dealer interaction.

Game types vary slightly from site to site, with some live dealer casinos opting for a “1 to many” dealer experience, where there can be an “unlimited” number of players being dealt to from the same dealer. The term unlimited is used rather loosely in these cases, as each casino would have their own limit as to not go above what their live dealers or the streaming technology can handle. This “1 to many” style of the game follows all of the rules of blackjack, but someone looking for a more “pure” game that feels like being at an actual casino might not enjoy it as much. People who just want to sit and go, however, should like it just fine.

The other most popular type of live dealer blackjack is the classic type. This type is what is played in real world casinos and limits the number of players to just seven per dealer, unlike the “1 to many” type does, and this is easily the best style of gameplay for those looking for the purest form of blackjack online. The only problem that some people have with this style of game is that they sometimes can’t get into a table, though, this generally isn’t a problem at larger live dealer casinos, as if this becomes a problem for too many users, they will provide more dealers and tables to help alleviate the issue.

All of the regular blackjack rules apply for either of these modes and most sites provide games with or have a set of house rules including some of the less common rules as well. A lot of UK live casinos have a “10 Card Charlie” rule, where if a player is dealt ten cards without going bust, they automatically win unless the dealer has a blackjack. These house rules extend to when a player can double down on a hand, or split their hand, they can sometimes also change things such as how many decks are used, and whether or not the dealer plays on a “soft 17” or not.

Overall, most players who have tried both prefer live dealer blackjack and it is quickly becoming a staple in any UK live casino. These live dealer casinos are not only helping to make blackjack one of the most popular games in virtual casinos again, but it is the first real step in making the players feel like they are in an actual casino, making the whole experience of playing blackjack online a much more fulfilling one.


Roulette online is so much better with live dealers

Roulette online is so much better with live dealers

If you love playing roulette online, then you should definitely try out the online dealer version. Statistics show that roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the three games that are most popular with online gamblers seeking a live dealer version. This is no surprise: live dealer roulette is quite simply superior to the earlier computer generated versions.

What makes a good roulette dealer?

Charisma, knowledge of the game, and a good head for numbers are just a few of the qualities that make a live dealer a real asset to the game. Just being able to watch an expert roulette dealer crunch those scores in their head and tell you who has won in a split second. Good dealers have tricks for doing this with alarming speed; for example, any roulette dealer worth their salt will know that if you have a straight 35/1 bet, you can halve the stake and multiply it by 7 before adding a zero on the end to work out how much a given player has won. As single bets are always 35 to 1, roulette dealers will be particularly hot on their five times tables. As well as being maths whizzes, your roulette dealer should also have significant amounts of charisma and charm. A dealer who is adept at welcoming new players, diffusing frustrating situations, and explaining the rules of the game in an accessible and friendly way all help to make that game of live dealer roulette even more enjoyable. In short, a dealer makes all the difference.

The benefits of playing live dealer roulette

With live dealer roulette, you can experience gambling with a more human touch. The thrill of finding out the final results is much more exciting when a human dealer is making the announcement. Seeing numbers flash up on your screen in an automated fashion is far too impersonal. A live dealer will also help the game to run more smoothly, commenting on results, chatting with and encouraging the players and giving little asides on the game and how it is going. Roulette should feel like a real social occasion, whether you are playing online via video link or whether you are playing in a land based casino. A live dealer helps players to connect with each other and with the game itself. If you enjoyed playing live dealer roulette, make sure to reward your dealer with a tip – the same way that you would do if you were playing in a bricks and mortar casino.

Ready to play roulette with a live dealer?

All that you will need for a successful round of live dealer roulette is a computer and a good internet connection so that you can stream the necessary video content. Some games of live dealer roulette enable players to connect using their webcams, too. Others allow players to play using an avatar. It’s all a matter of finding a game format that you are comfortable with. As these are live games, they will begin at set times, so you will need to ensure that you tune in at the correct hour. As there are thousands of games of live dealer roulette starting up every day, and in numerous different time zones, you will have no problem finding one that fits in with your schedule. Seize the opportunity to connect with other roulette enthusiasts from across the globe, to experience the wit and wisdom of a fantastic dealer, and perhaps to win some huge wads of cash too.


The Power of Using E-Wallets When Playing Casino Games Online

The Power of Using E-Wallets When Playing Casino Games Online

Online casinos are enjoyed by millions of individuals from all walks of life on a daily basis. One of the many reasons for such a rise in popularity involves the flexibility of these platforms. With so many games and bonuses to choose from, it is no surprise that millions of pounds are wagered on a daily basis. However, security is always a very real concern. This is the primary reason why casino payment methods will often include an option commonly referred to as an e-wallet. Let us first examine these systems in a bit more detail before listing a handful of popular payment methods.

The Evolution of Online Casino Payment Methods

In the not-so-distant past, users would be provided with only a handful of options. These generally included online wire transfers, credit cards and direct deposits from a bank account. The main issue here was that some players were wary about the security measures involved. This was only logical considering the fact that personal data theft was rife during the early days of the Internet. Casinos were faced with a rather stark choice. The could either lose potential customers or incorporate other electronic payment methods into their systems. Thus, e-wallets began to enjoy popularity as far back as 2004. A few platforms are exceedingly trusted and these are associated with greater levels of reliability. What are some of their strengths?

Neteller Casino Payments

Neteller was first launched in 1999 and this extensive history has proven to attract countless customers over the years. As an illustration of the security offered by this system, it is frequently employed by online investment firms and currency trading platforms. Neteller boasts extremely flexible architecture. So, users with little prior experience will not have an issue learning its basic functions. It should also be mentioned that this company offers a rewards programme for those who utilise it on a regular basis. Transfers can be accomplished with a few clicks and once the money is sent, the user will receive a confirmation email. Most reputable online casinos will offer Neteller as one of their transfer options.

Skrill Casino Payments

Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers until 2013. However, their online transfer methods are just as reliable as they were when the company was first incorporated in 2001. This firm is based out of the United Kingdom and it can be accessed by customers from around the world. Registration takes only a few minutes and the benefits are nearly the same as those mentioned above. However, the security features provided to clients are quite substantial. Settings can be adjusted based off of personal preferences and there is a dedicated mobile application which can be used while away from a computer. Transfers are normally completed on the same day although different casinos will be associated with disparate waiting times until the money is received (or sent to the account of the player).

The Secure Edge of E-Wallets

Although ease of use is always important, the levels of security which both Skrill and Neteller offer are what makes them so very popular. Both employ a 256-bit encryption algorithm commonly referred to as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is the same technology which banks and major credit card providers use to keep personal information safe from prying eyes. Other well-known transfer services such as PayPal have also adopted this level of protection.

What to Look for in an E-Wallet Payment System

So far, we have examined two major casino payment methods. Both offer a host of benefits such as:

  • Excellent security protocols.
  • A user-friendly design.
  • Access from different regions of the world.
  • The ability to customise individual profiles.

However, are there any other features which signify a trustworthy e-wallet? If you are still deciding upon a specific provider, there are a few additional metrics to address. Not all casinos will offer the same payment methods, so make certain that the specific e-wallet is hosted by the gaming platform in question. Also, take a look at the time required for money to be deposited into your account. A final consideration involves any fees which can be attached to a transfer. As these can sometimes be substantial, it is a good idea to compare at least three different e-wallets before making the ultimate decision. Electronic payments are here to stay and knowing which are the most reliable options will ensure that your personal details remain safe at all times.

Bonus, Casino

Unleash the Power of Online Casino Bonuses with This Guide

Unleash the Power of Online Casino Bonuses with This Guide

Online casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses in order to attract new players to sign up, deposit money and encourage them to keep playing. These bonuses can be split into two basic groups: cashable and non-cashable. The first (cashable) can be used for wagering and are made available for withdrawal from your account once the detailed requirements have been met. The latter (non-cashable) are only available for wagering and cannot be withdrawn. All types of casino bonus will have restrictions and/or wagering requirements that need to be met before you can cash out.

New Player/Welcome Bonus

This type of online casino bonus is usually the most attractive offer available and can include deposit matches, percentage deposit matches and/or a no deposit bonus. When a deposit match is offered, the player receives 100% of their deposit as a bonus. This means if you deposit £50 you will receive a £50 bonus, giving you £100 to play with.

Occasionally an online casino may offer a 200% or 300% bonus, although there is generally still an upper limit on the bonus amount you can receive. Percentage bonuses are often offered and while something like 50% may not be as inviting as the deposit match bonus, they often have a more attainable wagering requirement: It is important to remember that the higher the bonus, the higher the wagering requirement.

No deposit bonuses are a rarer find. This is primarily because they offer a risk free way to try casino games, and claim winnings, without having to spend any of your own money. While they are still subject wager requirements, you don’t need to have made any deposits in order to be eligible to make a withdrawal. It should also be noted that there is usually a cap on the amount of winnings you can withdraw from this type of bonus. For example: a £10 no deposit bonus may have a 50x bonus wager requirement, meaning you must wager £500 before you can cash out. There may also be a withrawal cap of £100 on winnings from the no deposit bonus, which means you must wager £500 in order to cash out that £100.

Monthly/Deposit Bonus

Monthly or deposit bonuses are a form of ‘loyalty’ bonus, and are often dependant on your activity levels in the month prior. Their main function is to encourage players to keep making deposits and reward those who are highly active. It is rare for them to be as high as the welcome/new player bonus, although the bonus offered will vary between online casinos.

Referral Bonus

This type of bonus rewards players for referring a friend, or multiple friends, and inviting them to play. Usually the referred friend is required to wager a certain amount before the bonus is awarded.

Payment Method Bonus

Occasionally an online casino may want to encourage you to use a certain payment method, and so will offer a bonus for that specific payment type as an incentive. With most casinos happy to accept a wide range of payment methods, this type of online casino bonus is rare.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are put in place to stop players taking advantage of the system, by requiring them to wager a certain amount before allowing them to cash out. This can mean you either need to wager the bonus a certain amount of times, or the deposit and bonus combined. The requirements vary between online casinos but are generally between 30x and 40x although there may be some higher or lower than this. For example: if you deposit £10 and receive a 100% bonus you will have £20 to play with. With a requirement of 30x deposit + bonus, you would need to wager £600 before you could cash out, whereas if the wagering requirement was 30x casino bonus, then the amount you would need to wager before making a withdrawal would be £300.


When deciding which online casino bonus to go for, it is important to bear a few things in mind. Firstly, bigger is not always better. As a general rule; the higher the bonus, the higher the wager requirement. There are usually expiry dates on the casino bonus offered, after which time the bonus and subsequent winnings will be lost if the wager requirements haven’t been met. Some bonuses (usually no deposit) will also have a cap on the amount of winnings you can withdraw. Always make sure you have read and understand all restrictions and requirements.