Fancy Some Blackjack? Try The Live Dealer Variant!

Fancy Some Blackjack? Try The Live Dealer Variant!

There are a lot of people who dislike playing blackjack online because they just don’t like how a lot of places AI (artificial intelligence) dealers take some of the fun out of the game for them. These players like to interact with their dealers a bit more as they play than AI allows. There is some good news for those people, however, as live dealer blackjack is getting more and more popular and is offered by more UK live casinos than ever before.

What is Live Dealer Blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack is exactly what it sounds like, a real person deals your cards to you as you play blackjack online. Most rooms allow for chat to be sent to the dealer, and usually the other players as well. This really brings the element of sitting at a blackjack table in a casino to life for a lot of players.

Through streaming technology, the dealer knows what your bets and all of your in-game actions are and they will react in real time to what is going on in each hand and in the chat. This is a big step up from the AI dealers that are offered by most sites and is a huge selling point for those who want that dealer interaction.

Game types vary slightly from site to site, with some live dealer casinos opting for a “1 to many” dealer experience, where there can be an “unlimited” number of players being dealt to from the same dealer. The term unlimited is used rather loosely in these cases, as each casino would have their own limit as to not go above what their live dealers or the streaming technology can handle. This “1 to many” style of the game follows all of the rules of blackjack, but someone looking for a more “pure” game that feels like being at an actual casino might not enjoy it as much. People who just want to sit and go, however, should like it just fine.

The other most popular type of live dealer blackjack is the classic type. This type is what is played in real world casinos and limits the number of players to just seven per dealer, unlike the “1 to many” type does, and this is easily the best style of gameplay for those looking for the purest form of blackjack online. The only problem that some people have with this style of game is that they sometimes can’t get into a table, though, this generally isn’t a problem at larger live dealer casinos, as if this becomes a problem for too many users, they will provide more dealers and tables to help alleviate the issue.

All of the regular blackjack rules apply for either of these modes and most sites provide games with or have a set of house rules including some of the less common rules as well. A lot of UK live casinos have a “10 Card Charlie” rule, where if a player is dealt ten cards without going bust, they automatically win unless the dealer has a blackjack. These house rules extend to when a player can double down on a hand, or split their hand, they can sometimes also change things such as how many decks are used, and whether or not the dealer plays on a “soft 17” or not.

Overall, most players who have tried both prefer live dealer blackjack and it is quickly becoming a staple in any UK live casino. These live dealer casinos are not only helping to make blackjack one of the most popular games in virtual casinos again, but it is the first real step in making the players feel like they are in an actual casino, making the whole experience of playing blackjack online a much more fulfilling one.


Roulette online is so much better with live dealers

Roulette online is so much better with live dealers

If you love playing roulette online, then you should definitely try out the online dealer version. Statistics show that roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the three games that are most popular with online gamblers seeking a live dealer version. This is no surprise: live dealer roulette is quite simply superior to the earlier computer generated versions.

What makes a good roulette dealer?

Charisma, knowledge of the game, and a good head for numbers are just a few of the qualities that make a live dealer a real asset to the game. Just being able to watch an expert roulette dealer crunch those scores in their head and tell you who has won in a split second. Good dealers have tricks for doing this with alarming speed; for example, any roulette dealer worth their salt will know that if you have a straight 35/1 bet, you can halve the stake and multiply it by 7 before adding a zero on the end to work out how much a given player has won. As single bets are always 35 to 1, roulette dealers will be particularly hot on their five times tables. As well as being maths whizzes, your roulette dealer should also have significant amounts of charisma and charm. A dealer who is adept at welcoming new players, diffusing frustrating situations, and explaining the rules of the game in an accessible and friendly way all help to make that game of live dealer roulette even more enjoyable. In short, a dealer makes all the difference.

The benefits of playing live dealer roulette

With live dealer roulette, you can experience gambling with a more human touch. The thrill of finding out the final results is much more exciting when a human dealer is making the announcement. Seeing numbers flash up on your screen in an automated fashion is far too impersonal. A live dealer will also help the game to run more smoothly, commenting on results, chatting with and encouraging the players and giving little asides on the game and how it is going. Roulette should feel like a real social occasion, whether you are playing online via video link or whether you are playing in a land based casino. A live dealer helps players to connect with each other and with the game itself. If you enjoyed playing live dealer roulette, make sure to reward your dealer with a tip – the same way that you would do if you were playing in a bricks and mortar casino.

Ready to play roulette with a live dealer?

All that you will need for a successful round of live dealer roulette is a computer and a good internet connection so that you can stream the necessary video content. Some games of live dealer roulette enable players to connect using their webcams, too. Others allow players to play using an avatar. It’s all a matter of finding a game format that you are comfortable with. As these are live games, they will begin at set times, so you will need to ensure that you tune in at the correct hour. As there are thousands of games of live dealer roulette starting up every day, and in numerous different time zones, you will have no problem finding one that fits in with your schedule. Seize the opportunity to connect with other roulette enthusiasts from across the globe, to experience the wit and wisdom of a fantastic dealer, and perhaps to win some huge wads of cash too.